Anna Stuart is born

I’m very excited to launch this brand new website for my brand new author profile. I have been writing historical fiction for several years now as Joanna Courtney and will continue to do so but for my new contemporary work I felt it appropriate to have a different author name as there’s nothing more annoying than picking up a book you think is going to deliver a certain sort of read only to find out that it’s something entirely different. Anyone looking to read about the queens of yesteryear might find Bonnie and Stan, a novel set in present day Liverpool, a little bemusing and equally someone looking for a true to life modern-day romance might be startled to find themselves plunged into 1066 or earlier! Hence, Anna Stuart.

I have chosen the name quite simply because Anna is a lovely shortening for my actual name, Joanna, and then¬† Stuart is my husband’s name. I have told him already that this is a show of trust in our relationship as if he ever runs off I will be stuck with him in this pen name forever, but he assures me he’s going nowhere so Anna Stuart it is and may both her and my marriage thrive for a long time to come!

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Anna Stuart


Anna is the author of Bonnie and Stan, out in paperback May 31st 2019 with a second novel (yet to be announced!) due in 2020.

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